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Am I ready to design my success?

As a coach, I will challenge and support you. You, however, must do the work. I have limited spaces for clients, and I would prefer to work only with those who genuinely want to develop, grow, and change.  To check if you are ready for the challenge, take this quiz.


Rate youself on a scale of 1 (low) to 5 (high)

______I feel a sense of urgency and a need to change

______I am ready to stretch into uncomfortable, unfamiliar territory.

______I am ready to explore new perspectives

______I am committed to trying new solutions to old problems.

______I will ask for and use the support offered to me.

______I will follow through on my commitments

______I am excited about learning more about myself and others

______I pledge to be open to feedback

______I am willing to invest in this pursuit as a priority for at least six months

______I understand there are downsides to not making the changes I wish to make

______I urgently want this—now!

If you scored 40 points or above, you are a great fit for coaching. 

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