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What do you want?


“I just got a new job.  I’ve worked hard to get here and I want to succeed!"

 Congratulations on your new job! (click to see more)


“I’m in a fairly new role/job/company.  I’m not making the impact I wanted to make (Frankly I’m struggling).  I don’t want to lose what I’ve worked so hard to get.  I want to overcome these obstacles and succeed.”

First of all, I empathize with you.  That "in over my head" feeling can be... (click to see more)

"Life just threw me a curve, can you help me regroup and find success again?"​
Absolutely! It's a very disorienting time for you!  I will help you remember what has made you successful...(click to see more)

"I do OK, but I feel like I could be more productive/communicative/ have better relationships.  I want to establish some new habits."

Great! You want to be even better than... (click to see more)


"I want help making a significant decision."

That is an excellent reason to have a coach!  (click to see more)

"I’ll have a big birthday soon.  Where did the decade go?  What’s next?  I want to make this decade really count." Yes! Good for you!  You have your past successes, the lessons you've learned, and the things you are yearning for in life.   (click to see more)

"I’m pretty creative.  I want to claim my creativity more completely."

I love working with creative people.  One of the big influencers in my life is (click to see more)

"It's something else.  And I think coaching could help."

It sounds like you have something you'd like to work on. (click to see more)

"I'm a coach.  I'd like some support during certification, or improving my skills, or marketing my business." (click to see more)

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