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How does it work?

We will meet by phone, in person, or by Skype at times that are mutually convenient.

My first question will be, “Why are you here?  That is, what do you want this coaching to support you in achieving?”  Your answer sets our agenda.

At the start, I will lead you through some exercises that provide tools and vocabulary to be used in our work together.  At the start we will need a few hours to get us underway.

Ongoing, you set the schedule and frequency.

Between sessions, you work through exercises, absorbing and implementing what we’ve discussed.

You are free to leave the coaching at any time.  And for real change and growth to occur, you should assume a minimum of 6 month commitment.


Coaching is a relationship between client and coach.  You will pay me each month, and I will support you with as much time and effort as you need.

Send me an email to see if we are a good “fit” and so I can answer your questions. I can’t wait to work with you as you design your success!


Paula McLeod

"Heaven, I believe, is right here, just waiting for us to create it."—Jesse Scaccia"

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