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Coaching is a skill, and it takes practice

When I started my coach training, I was eager to practice.  But it was hard to create opportunities where I could practice and get feedback.  So I invited other CTI coaches to practice together.  I'm pretty good at organization, so over time I have assembled a list of any coaches trained with CTI (The Coaches Training Institute) that I met who also wanted to practice, and I occasionally send out invitations to practice. At designated practice periods they sign up saying when they are available, and I put people into "triads," make the introduction, and away they go. In November 60+ CTI coaches from around the world practiced together in virtual triads.  This is my way of giving to the community. 
It's great for a new coach considering CTI certification, anyone in the core curriculum, experienced coaches who may benefit from feedback-- well, just about anyone!
If you would like to receive an invitation to the next round of practices, let me know.


"Paula, I just got off the phone with Adele and Angela, and CANNOT WAIT to give you the lavish expressions of gratitude you deserve.:) WOW!  That was so powerful.  I am used to coaching my clients, and my friends, but it was wonderful to get out of those comfortable settings and work on my skills with others (and Adele and Angela are further along than I am in the CTI certification process, so it is so helpful to see them at work).  It was really, really amazing. I really, really appreciate you organizing these triads.  What a service you are giving, to both newbies like me, and others."                                                     Janine Hill, CTI student and triad participant

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