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Who is Paula McLeod?

I’m a highly-trained coach, certified by Coaches Training Institute, the oldest and largest in-person coach training organization in the world.  I’m accredited through the International Coach Federation.  That means I have been trained to comply with internationally-recognized code of ethics. It means my coaching has been supervised and mentored by even more experienced coaches.  And I’ve gone above and beyond the requirements.  Beyond the 200 hours of training required, I have an additional  400 hours of in-person coach training.  If you are serious about coaching, choose only a certified coach to work with.


I have a long and varied business career. I started out in advertising and marketing, and that shapes my thinking.  I have done a fair amount of facilitation and training where my ability to quickly relate to  situations was a plus.  I’m creative by nature, which explains how I spent a couple of years providing National Geographic with the visual content for stories and non-fiction books.  And I have a life-long interest in gender equality, which explains the time I spent in a consultancy helping companies understand the differences in how women and men make decisions and communicate.  Throughout, I’ve come to believe that finding ease and contentment at work is one of the great challenges.  Since we spend the majority of our adult lives at work, I want to help people be happy there.  That’s a big part of my coaching!



I have an international perspective.  Captivated by the culture and history of Latin America, I created my own major in Latin American studies at Dartmouth College.  Fate had other ideas and I wound up living in Asia for 11 years.  My coaching practice is world-wide.  So far I’ve coached people that hail from or live in: North Korea, Africa, Nepal, Italy, Dubai, Brazil, Malaysia, and Canada. That may not matter to you, but know that it gives me a natural understanding that we are all fundamentally the same, with some interesting twists to appreciate.   

I’m a person, too.  When we are in a coaching relationship, it’s all about you.  But right here right now I’ll tell you the personal stuff.  I’m a mother of two wonderful children.  I’ve been married to a great guy for more than half my life.  I’m always interested in art, creativity, architecture, self growth, sailing, film, current events, books, theater, socializing and am curious about a wide range of subjects.  I’m still looking for the healthy eating and exercise that honors my body properly. 

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