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Success by Design, Inc
Introduces Women's Way of Leading(tm)


How many of your up and coming leaders of the future are women? You want to be sure that all that talent is unleashed to provide the innovation and leadership needed for the future. Yet many women have behaviors holding them back. Their beliefs and needs can be different from their male colleagues.  Women’s Way of Leading ™ helps women step into their leadership potential by addressing gender specific behaviors and beliefs and supporting women leaders to blossom into their full potential.

They win, and you do, too, by increasing loyalty and engagement.


For your most-valued women leaders

- Individualized support


  Women’s Executive and Leadership Coaching gives customized support to the behavior changes needed to continue to              flourish:

  • Assessment and goal setting

  • Informational meeting for women’s manager of common gender differences in behavior preference

  • Alignment meeting(s) with the woman’s manager

  • Targeting of specific behavior(s) to modify

  • Regular and consistent 1 1 coaching

  • If desired, stakeholder involvement through Stakeholder Centered Coaching(tm)

For your high potential/ emerging women leaders

—Facilitated support in a setting of peers


  BOS for Women (Behaviors of Success for Women) is a 3 month virtual training and support program designed to uncover       and correct behaviors that commonly hold women back.

  • A live, virtual training program

  • Open to the public or private by organization

  • Supports women to examine their behaviors and correct common errors.

  • Using observations on books like  How Women Rise by Sally Helgesen and Marshall Goldsmith, and Breaking Through Bias by Kramer & Harris, we explore unhelpful behaviors.

  • Group support and exercises make the learning “stick” as the women try things out and report on their results.

-One Hour Support Blasts for the women in your organization

Confidence, Imposter Syndrome & the Inner Critic

It’s a documented fact that women suffer more frequently from a lack of confidence and imposter syndrome than do men. Learning to cope with these feelings is one of the secrets of success! This one hour webinar will reveal the origin of the inner critic and how it outgrows its healthy origins. Participants come away with a deeper understanding and some tools for growing confidence and taking their rightful place at the table.

Break the Habits Holding You Back at Work

An introduction to some of the behaviors that can hold women back with simple tips to increase awareness and begin the process of making significant-- and necessary-- changes. Covers common behaviors such as being a pleaser or a perfectionist, failing to plan for a next step,  misunderstanding of the value of relationships, and more. Draws from and highlights helpful books by authors such as Stone & Heen, Andrea Kramer and Al Harris, Sally Helgesen, Marshall Goldsmith, Amy Cuddy and more.


Asking Powerful Questions: The Key to Inspired Action

Become a better leader by asking powerful questions and listening thoughtfully with curiosity to the answers. Harness the value of good questions and learn how to be a better listener, too. Includes seven "magic" questions any leader will profit from.

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