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Success by Design is a proprietary process that unfolds over the course of the coaching.  It is particularly useful in workplace situations where there has been great change and the terrain is unfamiliar. It may be in answer to a particular problem or goal, but is different from traditional goal setting because it explores the environment the person is in more deeply.

Coaching creates an “oasis” from the rest of life, a place where problems can be addressed, beliefs and values explored, and dreams articulated.  We borrow the word “OASIS” to summarize the Success by Design steps:

O-Observe.        Impartially observe the situation.  Separate facts from story.

A-Analyse.         Determine what elements are present or absent?  What skills, relationships or knowledge                                  can be leveraged? What is lacking?

S-Strategize      Given the situation, what could be done?  What should be done? How?

I-Implement     Act out the strategies.

S—aSsess          Measure success or failure.  Regroup. Redesign.

Working through this model creates a structure to figure out and implement responses that can shape the new terrain.

What's involved in the Success By Design process?

"I am always doing that which I cannot do, in order that I may learn how to do it."--  Pablo Picasso

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