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"I'm a coach.  I'd like some support during certification, or improving my skills, or marketing my business."


I would be honored to accompany you on the journey to becoming a powerful coach. 

I am a student of the CTI model and principles, meaning I examined them with a microscope, analyzing all the pieces so I could better use them myself.  I'll share that with you. I bring loads of tips to my work with you. And I'm versed in other non-CTI skills and perspectives such as the work of Byron Katie, Brene Brown, Kristen Neff, and more.

My focus is to deepen your learning and forward the action of you becoming an accomplished, great coach.  I do this by mindfully and intentionally modeling coaching skills.  You’ll see, hear, taste and experience the skills as we co-actively create a more fulfilling life for you! 

I also am learning daily about how neuroscience explains why our coaching techniques work.  I’ll share those insights with you!

I have 20 years’ experience in marketing.  So we can work on the piece where you examine what’s out there—in the “marketplace.”  But really,  I believe that you will find your marketing success when you know what your unique gifts and strengths are.  Our coaching will be sure to figure that out.

Mostly when you coach with me you will grow in confidence.  How cool is that?

As a mentor coach Paula modeled for me how to coach well. Her coaching approach was easy and was a model for me to follow. From designing alignment - setting expectations - clarifying your mentor-coach approach, getting right to coaching on a call, insightful listening, short curious questions and being honest with me was all so appreciated!

I really appreciate the time Paula invested in my coaching and future career through our time spent together. In addition it was extremely valuable to clarify values, life purpose and a design a fulfilling future. Thank you !! --a coaching student

You are an excellent mentor coach and I appreciate all that you poured into me. Thank you!--a coaching student

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"That's the beauty of coaching. You get to touch lives, you get to make a difference.” --Morgan Wooten

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